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Here is what we do better; when you go on our website, you will find pictures of models and escorts who you can actually have the pleasure of companying. All the models in our galleries are real and you can even book a particular model over the phone, the one that you have seen and the one that you have found attractive in our catalog of beautiful and elegant models. The magic does not stop here. Once you book them, you are worried whether what you’ve paid your valuable money for could be something that you did not want in the first place. You are in constant fear of being tricked. Well, worry no more. Our Bangalore Independent escorts look exactly like their pictures. We provide real life pictures of these models so that makeup does not make them appear differently. So you can be assured in knowing that what you have paid for is more or less exactly what you are getting.

Another great thing about our Bangalore escorts is that they are well versed with the geography of Bangalore and know about almost all of the places worth visiting and they are your personal tour guides and the fun does not end once they have finished showing you around. They will accompany you to the grandest of parties and will take care of whatever it is that you need. They will be willing to dance and sing with you and basically do everything with you that give you happiness. And they do it with a genuine smile on their faces.

Escorts Bangalore

So, here are some of the ways to contact us and know about the rates of the escorts in Bangalore in detail.


The rates that we have are some of the best. We look for customer satisfaction more than profit and it has worked fabulously for us so far, with customers coming in all the time and the profit just goes up with sheer numbers of customers. So in a way, we are doing well and keeping our customers happy in the pricing area. Our rates are pretty straightforward. We go by the hour. An approximate rate for an hour would be INR 15000 which is the most basic and standard rate. This goes up; it is INR 25000 for 2 hours and INR 40000 for a night. Now many have tried to compare these prices elsewhere but no one could match what we had to offer in such an amount. The rate for a whole day is INR 150000.

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We have a huge catalog of fresh models that are exciting. We have one for every type, be it a shy tourist or a bold businessman, we have one for all who visit. Our specialty is, however, the VIP section which has so much good stuff to offer that you would want more than one at any given time. It is a facility which everyone loves and almost all of our elite customers try at least twice which is a brilliant thing for us. We also try our best to tailor-make services in case we don’t have what you’re looking for and most of the times, we do it just fine.

So visit our website now! Hiring a call girl in Bangalore has never been easier!

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